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Since their inception in 1998, On The Might Of Princes has been creating their own dynamic sound, fusing melody and technical madness, all intertwined through dramatic guitar progressions, fast leads, a tight rhythm section and their notably introspective lyrics.


Jason Rosenthal - Guitar, Vocals, Melodica

Lou Fontana - Guitar, Vocals

Tom Orza - Bass, Vocals

Chris Enriquez - Drums, Percussion, Piano

Interviews and Reviews


The opening instrumental, a minute and a half movement of ambient tranquility entitled "No Sign Of The Messiah (Part II)" harbors memories of a delicate dark wave overtaking your consciousness. Then the jaws suddenly tighten around your neck for the disturbing, "Go Fuck Yrself, which mixes and matches Emo, Goth, and static in an aesthetically unusual follow up. "The Swell And The Breaking" is more in tune with the minor keyed overtones of earlier, switching fore and aft from "oddity to commodity" as it were, lethargic and sonic all in the same four minute long flood. "Sirens," the Long Island New York-based OTMOP's third release, is a rising tension bubbling within the underground that's as dynamic as it is dissonant, and darn near unique if such a thing still existed. They're not afraid to try something different within a five minute frame where Indie Rock crashes hard against an avant garde shoreline and creates a groundswell that's purely cult-like, epic sounding and fashionably inexcusable. Envision a demo-style version of your early New Wave, Goth, and Punks, from Modern English to Morrissey to Minor Threat sharing the studio with the Thursday, Saves The Day types-- Then, increase the feed and dangle a few wires, suck up a dose of lyrical introspection and D-minor dissidence, pick apart some melodic guitar scales and off key harmonizing and "Sirens" is an immediate on rush of rule breaking excitement from all angles of the elemental extremes., Vinnie Apicella