REV 031



Orange 9mm, New York's hardcore rhythm outfit is a freshly formed blend of past and future that is raw, fierce, confident, eloquent, relevant, beautiful...

Rising from the charred ruins of Burn - also on Revelation - Chaka Malik brings to Orange 9mm a unique stage persona, vocal style and smart lyrics. Guitarist Chris Traynor and drummer Larry Gorman, both former members of New York's Fountainhead, and bassist Davide Gentile complete the sound self-described as a result of being "happy and pissed off at the same time and playing at that moment."


Davide Gentile - Bass

Larry Gorman - Drums

Chaka Malik - Vocals

Chris Traynor - Guitar

Interviews and Reviews

"Mixing driving metal and the powerful rhythms of hip hop, Orange 9MM's brand of metal/rap fusion would help to put the genre on the map in the early `90s, with heavy bass lines and rhythms bouyed by smashing guitars. The band would step up its sound by 1999, to sit closer to industrial sounds with its combination of steady, dancable beats and hearty guitar sounds. More experimental than most fusion outfits of its type, Orange 9MM continues to push the limits of its sound and genre classifications."