Good things come to those who wait. SPEAK 714, for example, has been a long time coming. Vocalist Dan O'Mahony (Ex - No For An Answer, 411) and guitarist Joe D. Foster (Ignite, Ex - Unity) have been toying with the concept of joining forces in a long term band since 1985. A good idea whose time has finally come.

"Knee Deep In Guilt" represents a thorough redefining of original and real Orange County hardcore. This journeyman foursome continue to combine the speed and intensity of their aforementioned bands with a lyrical perspective that only a decade and a half's worth of experience can provide. Feel the aggression, live the words, "Knee Deep In Guilt" is the way hardcore was always meant to be.

Interviews and Reviews

Dan O'Mahoney and crew are back with a 7" follow up to their debut LP and folks this is the type of hardcore that puts a huge smile on your face while it kicks you in the teeth. This is the way that hardcore felt during its huge surge in popularity during the late eighties. Thick, pummeling, aggressive and forceful are the adjectives that jump to mind while listening to this record but I gotta admit my thinking may be a bit fuzzy considering how hard this record is hitting me upside the head. O'Mahoney was the voice behind such stellar acts (and personal favorites) as NO FOR AN ANSWER and CARRY NATION and I expect nothing but brilliance from him each and ever time out of the chute. With SPEAK 714 he delivers., by Jeb Branin, October 1999