The Nerve Agents began with Andy Outbreak (Model American) constantly begging Eric (former Redemption 87/Unit Pride) to start a band with him. Eric finally broke down and told Andy that he was only going to do this because he could not stand seeing such a pathetic looking kid down on his knees begging. Eric went home to his house, nicknamed "the Hot Zone" due to it's high bacteria count, and asked his roommate Kevin (former Big Rig/Goodfellas) if he wanted to join, and he did. The bass player they had originally, quit soon after. So, he doesn't get to be mentioned. At about the third practice, Tim (Model American) showed up uninvited with his guitar and started playing. No one could figure out why he was there, so no one ever said anything. Needless to say, Tim became the second guitar player because no one ever bothered to ask him what he was doing there. But his hair was so big, they just couldn't turn him down.

The Nerve Agents' sound became balanced out by the members' different personalities and by combining various influences like Youth of Today, the Circle Jerks, Black Flag, and a strong heap of Cause For Alarm, 7 Seconds, and of course, the Cro-Mags. The band became a mixture of hardcore and punk, turning the music into a sound very reminiscent of the early 80's.


Dante - bass

Andy Outbreak - drums

Timmy Stardust - guitar

Zac "The Butcher" - guitar

Eric Ozenne - vocals

Interviews and Reviews

THE NERVE AGENTS - Days Of The White Owl

This is the long anticipated full-length to their first mcd, and it's plain damn amazing!! Fast old-school hardcore mixed with a few punk influences and a gloomy atmosphere - this rocks and kicks as hell! Sharic's radical vocals remind me of Redemption 87, but the rest is beyond compare. 14 songs plus an intro and an outro, 14 songs that you need to have in your collection! These guys really help me to cope with the In My Eyes split, although In My Eyes were a class of it's own. Anyway, incredible hardcore in the old-school vein, that reminds me of the early Rev days. Cool! I can't recommend you a special song, the whole thing rules!,