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Once just a side project for former Elliott guitarist, Jay Palumbo, Thirty-Two Frames have become a full fledged rocking machine.Thirty-Two Frames brings a breath of fresh air in a scene so filled with metal. Their debut ep is the perfect blend of hardcore ala Rites Of Spring or Verbal Assualt with a strong melodic approach comparable to Jawbreaker or Hot Water Music.

Time to forget the technical musical skills that keep people bitter, standing in the back of the room with arms folded, muttering about how pass


Jay Palumbo - Guitar and Vocals

Jim Dzurovcak - Guitar

Jeremy Holehan - Bass

Thommy Browne - Drums

Interviews and Reviews

Jay Palumbo's past in Elliott (particularly the elegiac "False Cathedrals") wouldn't have led me to believe that he'd be involved with a straight-forward hardcore record, but here it is, sounding equal parts young Ian MacKaye, Reach The Sky, Unitas and Endpoint (among other musical reference points). This is a punk record in the sense that it wonders how people get so anesthetized, so dull and bland. It's not explicitly political in the sense that it shouts "Fuck Bush" at every turn, but rather in the sense that it challenges received ideas (religion in "Saints Stolen," consumer culture in "Affluenza") and offers suggestions about what questions to ask to begin finding the answers. This disc also includes a rather rockin' reinterpretation of Tom Petty's "I Need To Know."