The Inland Empire of California is hardly a hotbed for hardcore. Better known for its meth labs , the area hasn't seen a prominent hardcore band emerge since Chain of Strength over 25 years ago but in 2010 Soul Search set out to make a name for themselves within the scene armed with a heavy hardcore sound that originated taking cues from late-'80s and early-'90s heavy NYHC bands like Outburst and DMIZE but over the course of their careers got much darker and heavier, adding elements of Merauder and the more grooving bits of Obituary to their sound.

Despite their humble beginnings, Soul Search have become a prominent fixture in the hardcore scene across America and worldwide, having appeared at the most important American hardcore festivals like This is Hardcore, Sound and Fury, Destroy LA, Rain Fest and United Blood as well as making their first trip to Japan in early 2013 and having toured nationally alongside bands like Backtrack, Xibalba, Take Offense, Rotting Out, Expire, Twitching Tongues, Minus, Dead End Path and many others.

We at Revelation will be teaming up with Soul Search for their debut LP with the band having previously done EPs and splits with prominent hardcore labels like Triple B, Back To Back and Closed Casket.


Omar Gonzalez - vocals
Aaron Chavez - guitar
Nick Evans - guitar
Alfredo Gutierrez - bass
Dorian Zambrano - drums