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Southern California's Gameface has come a long way since 1990. Their music combines the best elements of punk, hardcore, emo and pop to make something simpler, something sincere beyond a defined scene. They have the ability to reach people with undeniably catchy melodies underneath heartfelt lyrics. "In a genre that's over saturated with sub par emotional fakes, Gameface gives you the real 'good feel bad' in full effect." -Josh Hooten, Punk Planet. By consistently producing good, honest rock music, Gameface has earned their role as a staple in the post hardcore scene.

Gameface's history can be traced through their four 7" singles and three full length releases. Over five United States tours and one of Europe, Gameface continued to gain a larger and more devoted audience. Throughout these years they survived many changes including the tragic loss of their original drummer, Bob Binckley, which left them stagnant for most of 1994. After a very difficult period, they decided it was best to continue to do what they love. A testament to this is the well received comeback release, "Three to Get Ready".

The band continued to grow over the years. In late 1997, Jeff Caudill (along with support of his bandmates) decided to take on the dual responsibility of singing and playing guitar to broaden their songwriting capabilities. The response was immediate and overwhelming: Gameface had never sounded so good. With this set up, the band has captured a fuller, warmer sound which truly compliments their much evolved song writing.


Steve Sanderson - Drums

Paul Martin - Bass

Jeff Caudill - Guitar, Vocals

Todd Trout - Guitar


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Man, talk about genre-crossing. We need to think of a good word that describes emo and punk together. Anywhoo, Gameface rocks. This band is finally catching on with a lot of people, so I hear, and it's about damn time. They flawlessly lay down catchy vocals and not-too-difficult drumming with intricate guitar rhythms and crazy bass lines, making you guess whether these kids wear old sweaters and geeky glasses, or chain wallets and Vans. Pop-punk? Emo? Some wild, wacky, new word that has yet to be invented by yours truly (I'm sort of leaning towards 'puemo')? Either way, the CD is really good, and you need to check them out, pronto.

A Different Kind Of Greatness (, Scott Heisel