Give was conceived at the tail end of 2008 and has done very little resting since then. Over the course of extensive touring and releasing two 12"s, a half dozen 7"s - plus a cassette - they have proved themselves as a band who is not content to rest both physically or artistically. Sonically, they reference that sweet spot of exploration where the freshman class of Revelation artists dared to trespass in their later daze.


Crucial John - vocals
Ian Marshall - guitar
Ben Schultz - guitar
Doug Free - bass
Gene Melkisethian - drums

Austin Stemper - guitar
Dan Horres - bass
Ashley Sykes - bass
Pat Tyler - bass


01.25.15 Berkeley, CA Gilman St: Give
01.26.15 Camarillo, CA Rock City Studios: Give
01.27.15 Bakersfield, CA Munoz Gym: Give
01.28.15 Las Vegas, NV Womb Room: Give
01.29.15 San Diego, CA Legends Records: Give

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