Sick Of It All Record Store Day 7" Pressing Info. 05.17.10

Everyone's been asking, so here's the pressing info for the Sick Of It All 7" we pressed for record store day: We wanted to press about 500 copies of the record on clear vinyl, and decided to clean out the vault at the same time. We had almost 500 old inserts and old covers of various types and decided to use up all the old print. At the same time we also found the original 45 rpm plates that were used for the first pressing and thought it would be fitting to use those plates for this pressing. The labels were printed using the original artwork from one of the earlier 45 rpm pressings. We had the pressing plant send us extra covers and inserts to make sure we had enough for any overage and got the records done. Here's the breakdown of what covers and inserts were used:

7th press : 555 clear vinyl (Record Store Day 2010)

Print used:

293 old fold-over covers with band name in red and old insert
150 new glued, non-glossy covers and 1997 insert
83 old fold-over covers with band name in black and old insert
29 old glued, high-gloss covers and old insert

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