Where Fear And Weapons Meet Reunite 10.08.12

Southern Florida hardcore band Where Fear And Weapons Meet has reunited.

The group originally formed in the late '90s, subsquently releasing material with Revelation Records, Eulogy Recordings, Triple Crown Records and Think Fast! Records before breaking up in 2004.

Their 2012 lineup features original members John Wylie (Morning Again, Until The End) and Jason Lederman (Against All Authority, Shai Hulud). The lineup is rounded off with Think Fast! co-owner Larry Scott, Chip Walbert (All Hell Breaks Loose, Until The End) and Chad Kishick (Shai Hulud).

Where Fear And Weapons Meet's first show back will be a headlining appearance at Bringin It Back for the Kids Fest 2 on Friday, October 12th in Pompano Beach, FL.

Additionally, we're told that the band will soon begin working on new material.

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