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Ray Cappo Interview On

02.25.10 has posted an interview with Ray Cappo from Shelter/Youth Of Today.

Check it out here:

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Why Be Something That You're Not Book Info.


While browsing your usual music news outlets this week you may have read about an upcoming book entitled "Why Be Something That You're Not - Detroit Hardcore '79 to '85," coming out this summer on Revelation Records. Author Tony Rettman has compiled an extensive oral history to include photos, flyers, and of course interviews with Detroit veterans of the era. Double Cross webzine is currently featuring a sneak peak at a chapter of the book, with commentary from John Brannon of Negative Approach, Barry Henssler of Necros and Ian MacKaye of general punk/hardcore history. Check it out here:

WBSTYN On Double Cross

If that's not enough, check out Tony's blog and other "Why Be Something That You're Not" related pages:


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