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Sick Of It All Clear Vinyl 7" / Record Store Day 2010


Sick Of It All's first 7" is now back in print with an initial new run of 550 copies on clear vinyl. It will be available only to independent record stores for one month starting on April 17 to celebrate Record Store Day and the release of Sick Of It All's new album, "Based On A True Story." As an added bonus, many record stores will have lots of giveaways including stickers, CDs, buttons and other stuff provided by Revelation, No Sleep, Bridge 9 and a lot of other labels.

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Why Be Something That You're Not: Detroit Hardcore 1979-1985


Coming Soon From Revelation Records Publishing...

In the early seventies, Detroit was the musical hub of America. Everything from the chart topping sounds of Motown records to the vicious proto-punk of The Stooges was being brewed out there and it seemed like there was no end in sight. But by the early eighties, the city was both a physical and cultural wasteland due to major label buyouts of the artists as well as the crippling drug habits of some of the others. Detroit's most known musical export at the time was the vapid sounds of New Wave heartthrobs The Romantics; this wasn't good. It took a gaggle of suburban skateboarders, a grade school teacher and a census bureau clerk to wake this city up from its slumber and start one of the first hardcore punk scenes in America.

"Why Be Something That You're Not" chronicles the first wave of Detroit hardcore from its origins in the late seventies to its demise in the mid-eighties. Through a combination of oral history and extensive imagery, the book proves that even though the Southern California beach towns might have created the look and style of hardcore punk, it was the Detroit scene that cultivated the music's grassroots aesthetic before most cultural hot spots even knew what the music was about.

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Chaka from Burn's new band to play benefit show in London


Chaka from Burn's new band, Satan Sleep, will be playing a benefit show for Redress at The Gramaphone in London on March 18th.

Click here for more info.:

Posted By:Webmaster's Top 10 NYHC Albums List


AOL's has posted their top 10 list of New York hardcore albums. Revelation is proud to have four entries on the list including Bold, Gorilla Buiscuits, Judge and Youth Of Today. You can check out the whole list here:

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Ray Cappo Interview On

02.25.10 has posted an interview with Ray Cappo from Shelter/Youth Of Today.

Check it out here:

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Why Be Something That You're Not Book Info.


While browsing your usual music news outlets this week you may have read about an upcoming book entitled "Why Be Something That You're Not - Detroit Hardcore '79 to '85," coming out this summer on Revelation Records. Author Tony Rettman has compiled an extensive oral history to include photos, flyers, and of course interviews with Detroit veterans of the era. Double Cross webzine is currently featuring a sneak peak at a chapter of the book, with commentary from John Brannon of Negative Approach, Barry Henssler of Necros and Ian MacKaye of general punk/hardcore history. Check it out here:

WBSTYN On Double Cross

If that's not enough, check out Tony's blog and other "Why Be Something That You're Not" related pages:


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