"Where Did They Go?"

It seems that there are more than a few kids out there hell bent on getting their hands on a copy of this record. Considering the limited number of them made (excluding the bootleg) this is a rather difficult task indeed. Well in our continuing quest to make everyone's life a bit easier, and because it's somewhat interesting, here are the ones we've been able to track down. If you own one that isn't registered on this list please send us a scan or photo of yours (the number of course) and I'll add it to the list. If you'd like your name witheld I'll just post the location of it just so someone can go on the big Chung King road trip some time and try to visit every town housing each one.

1. Revelation Huntington Beach, CA 2. Revelation Huntington Beach, CA
3. Revelation Huntington Beach, CA 4. Giancarlo DeMarchi Easton, PA
5. Revelation Huntington Beach, CA 6. Troy Trujillo Salt Lake City, UT
7. Revelation Huntington Beach, CA 8. Hiroki AshikawaShizuoka, Japan
9. Anonoymous California, USA 10. Larry Ransom Garden Grove, CA
11. Sebastiaan D'hertoge Nazareth, Belgium 12. David SchwartzBloomfield Hills, MI
13. Ivan Dudic Bietigheim, Germany 14. Hagen Schulz Stuttgart, Germany
15. Mike Montville, NJ 16. David Sattanni Long Beach, CA
17. Brett Beach Red Bank, NJ 18. Tobias Schneider Muenster, Germany
19. Peter Hoeren Oberhausen, Germany 20. Revelation Huntington Beach, CA
21. Revelation Huntington Beach, CA 22. Tassilo Bachmann Stuttgart, Germany
23. Adam Buena Park, CA 24.
25. Mark UK 26. Simone Italy
27. Malcolm Tent Danbury, CT 28.
29. 30.
31. Dave Mandel Garden Grove, CA 32.
33. Regan Cadd Melbourne, Australia 34. Civ New York, NY
35. Giuliano Calza Rome, Italy 36. Traci Bergman Trenton, NJ
37. 38.
39. Sebastian Stronzik Muenster, Germany 40. Jeff Jawk San Francisco, CA
41. Katie Halliday Brooklyn, NY 42. Revelation Huntington Beach, CA
43. Kevin Finn Los Angeles, CA 44. David Salinas, CA
45. Matt Enright Huntington Beach, CA 46. Chris Alpino Plainsboro, NJ
47. RevelationHuntington Beach, CA 48. Marcus Andrews U.K.
49. Ati/Rob Moran San Diego, CA 50. Felix Havoc Minneapolis, MN
51. Jeff Jawk Alpharetta, GA 52.
53. Niklas Holm Sweden 54.
55. Ian Leck Bradford, U.K. 56.
57. Jon Westbrook Ventura, CA 58. Ronnie Pennington Cincinnati, OH
59. Sean Savage Long Branch, NJ 60. Daniel HalfterWunstorf, Germany
61. Dobek Ohashi Tokyo, Japan 62. Marc Hanou Holland
63. Peter Morcey III Waterbury, CT 64.
65. Malte Terbeck Muenster, Germany 66.
67. Fred Hammer Oxnard, CA 68. Alex Maciel Wilmington, CA
69. Christian Unsinn Berlin, Germany 70. Chris Wrenn Salem, MA
71. Robert Mars Portland, OR 72. Jeff Lasich Philadelphia, PA
73. 74. Jordy Bossier Belgium
75. 76. Sam Boston, MA
77. Anonymous Australia 78.
79. Christoph LüpoldBern, Switzerland 80. Jon Gallagher Chester, U.K.
81. Ferry Krop Roermond, The Netherlands 82. Jon GallagherChester, U.K.
83. Mike Fontaine Chicopee, MA 84. Geoff D'Agostino Sayreville, NJ
85. Marko Raboldt Nuremberg, Germany 86.
87. Ryan S New York, NY 88. Greg Brown Santa Rosa, CA
89. 90. Bill Ferry Little Rock, AR
91. 92.
93. 94.
95. 96. Doug W Calgary, Canada
97. Jack LaBarca Stratford, CT 98.
99. Jordan Cooper Huntington Beach, CA 100. MRR San Fransisco, CA
101. Matt Summers Malvern, PA 102.
103. 104. Jordy
105. Dave Sausage Parkside, PA 106. Ingo EngelhardtMünster, Germany
107. 100.
109. 110. Ron Brotherhood Seattle, WA

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