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The re-release of the long out of print Side By Side EP. Re-mastered to be better than ever, this release has been expanded to a full length packed with unreleased studio, live, and practice recordings. For all of those who missed out on the first round its back and here to stay... Alex!


1. Backfire
2. My Life To Live
3. Living A Lie
4. Look Back
5. You're Only Young Once
6. Friends
7. Side By Side
8. Dead Serious
9. The Time Is Now
10. Living A Lie
11. Side By Side
12. Violence To Fade
13. You're Only Young Once
14. My Life To Live
15. Dead Serious
16. So Fucking Blind
17. Violence To Fade
18. So Fucking Blind
19. Fuck Your Attitude
20. Good Clean Fun
21. Sick Of Things The Way They Are
22. Side By Side