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The spirit of old D.C. hardcore and the angst of 1980's So Cal punk lives on in the Bay and has taken form in The Nerve Agents. Since the band's self-titled debut EP in late 1999, The Nerve Agents have definitely come into their own. "Days Of The White Owl" stands as the release that showcases what The Nerve Agents are all about. The bands chemistry, musically has gelled, as they have added ex-Fury 66 guitarist Zac Hunter. This release fence walks between hardcore (Youth Of Today, Cro-Mags), and punk rock (T.S.O.L., Black Flag). The album has fourteen tracks of chaotic, pounding, hardcore punk, bookended by an eerie intro and outro of piano. "Days Of The White Owl" contains the rage and fury of hardcore, the urgency of punk, and the unique character and substance that is only The Nerve Agents'. You will be persuaded by this record, to dive from your bed, and circle pit the living room to, all hell! Features backup vocals by Davey Havok of AFI.


1. Spring Heeled Jack (intro)
2. Fall Of The All American
3. Prey
4. Days Of The White Owl
5. Portland
6. Off Come The Blindfolds
7. Your Warning
8. Jekyl And Hyde
9. Next In Line
10. The Invincible
11. Dead Man Walking
12. Out On The Farm
13. A Sad History
14. Just A Visual
15. Evil
16. The Blue Lady (outro)