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Revelation: 134

Bellingham, WA's Shook Ones bring you this three song single that sounds like pop-punk as done by kids who'd rather play all their records on 45, regardless of what the labels say. Slaughter Of The Insole, a 7" vinyl single, captures moments where the word "fun" fits perfectly between reckless and powerful. These two new songs along with their rendition of Leatherface's classic "Not A Day Goes By" round out this 7 minute (or so) debut release on Revelation.

You can trace the Shook Ones' sound back to classic punk bands such as 7 Seconds and the Descendents, and more recent bands like Lifetime and Kid Dynamite. Then again, their style could be said to have just as much similarity to the aforementioned bands as it does with Jawbreaker and Hot Water Music. Their hardcore and punk roots come through in their unique and quirky melodies as well as their aggressive guitar assault. The scratchy vocals complete the mix, adding just as much to the music as any of the other instruments.


1.Slaughter Of The Insole

2.So Grown Up

3.Not A Day Goes By