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After touring Europe and the US in 2000 and 2001, a slightly dirty but enriched Elliott came home, rebooted, and in July of 2001 - began recording and investigating the new songs they had been making together. Song in the Air, Elliott's third full length, is the first record they have made with the addition of Benny Clark on guitar and Jason Skaggs on bass. The idea was to make a quick and easy EP but the ideas kept coming and songs kept growing. At times the prospect of insanity didn't seem too far off... But, finally, in November of 2002 the project was finished. Song In The Air had been created.

Tracks from Song in the Air are some of Elliott's best yet. These songs are infused with an immediate - urgent, feeling.... and that gives us, the listeners, a view of something that hasn't been cleaned up and fabricated.

In the process of recording it (which, in itself, is a fairly big story about running their own home studio and deciding to handle all of the recording duties of the record themselves) they enlisted some great musicians and others from the Louisville area to help out, including a string quartet assembled by Christian Frederickson of The Rachel's.

Chris Higdon - Vocals, guitar
Kevin Ratterman - Drums, Keys, string arrangements
Jason Skaggs - Bass
Benny Clark - Guitar

Additional Players:
Whitney Allen - Cello
Christian Frederickson - Viola
Paola Monrique - Violin
Marie Racine - Violin
Aaron Todovich - Keyboards (Track 9)


1. Land and Water
2. Carry On
3. Believe
4. Beijing (Too Many People)
5. Drag Like Pull
6. Bleed in Breath Out
7. Song in the Air
8. Away We Drift
9. Blue Storm
10. Genea