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Kingdom Of Lost Souls comes roaring at you out of the gates like a Panzer tank doing 80. Thick, dense, dark, and incredibly powerful, these ten tracks were cut at the legendary Inner Ear Studios with Don Zientara (Fugazi, Bad Brains) at the helm. If Damnation A.D.Us music is like an armored assault vehicle, then McTernan's voice is a flame thrower. Brutally honest and compelling lyrics with a vocal style that can only be described as apocalyptic. The overwhelming production, the matured, dynamic songwriting, and the nightmarish lyrics and vocals make this record a truly exhausting listening experience.


1. Kingdom Of Lost Souls
2. Fallacies
3. Turn Into Ghosts
4. Give Me A Reason
5. In The Flesh
6. All My Life
7. The Mortal
8. Climbing And Climbing
9. Wait For A Day
10. Circles