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Following the release of their well received debut album, U.S. Songs, and multiple subsequent tours, elliott have released their sophomore LP, False Cathedrals. Recorded in January 2000 at Grandmaster Recorders and Rondor Studios in Los Angeles with producer Tobias Miller (who has worked on albums by The Wallflowers, Fiona Apple, Korn), the twelve track opus contains melodic, ambient pop songs with Elliott's aggressive rock sound still present. The album moves from softer toned, rock-pop ballads like "Shallow Like Your Breath" and "Blessed By Your Own Ghost", to radiant songs like "Drive On To Me" to frantic, power-driven tracks like "Dying Midwestern". The album explores a wide range of dynamics, incorporating electronic drum beats and other programmed sounds and choral vocals along side traditional rock instruments. False Cathedrals transcends genres and already has the indie world buzzing. Album of the year? See for yourself.


1. Voices
2. Calm Americans
3. Blessed By Your Own Ghost
4. Drive On To Me
5. Calvary Song
6. Lipstick Stigmata
7. Dying Midwestern
8. Shallow Like Your Breath
9. Superstitions In Travel
10. Carving Oswego
11. Lie Close
12. Speed Of Film